Never wear a lobster suit in a pub

“It’s not a suit and tie place, that’s why you might as well wear a lobster suit, right?”

The so-called Stimpy tomcat mumbles in his Guinness-British language. His dress code ideas approved of by the laughter of his two other pint-friends standing next to him. I am pretty sure that I should get another cider, just to be sure I my sense of humour is as open as possible. I feel like I might need some extra.

How come the crustacean look for the night out? Was it a Halloween party? The tall, southern-British guy rolls a cigarette and looks at me in silence. Suspense. Laughs again. “Well, the pub is the place to do stupid stuff. So one night I just played the stupid part. Bought a lobster suit and went to the pub. Guess what? Chicks loved it.” But the biped lobster also tried crawling on the stairs, that’s what lobsters do, right? This stupid stuff cost him a broken rib.

“The pub is the place to do stupid stuff. So I bought a lobster suit and went to the pub.”

But Tom survived the literal pub-crawl, and the next day he had to go to work. In proper clothes. He’s an animation geek and they are the so-called geek squad. “We’re doing the new 3D version of Tom and Jerry – the sci-fi cartoons for children and most of the times the best ideas come in this pub.”

In the perdition place of ‘Greenman,’ next to Great Portland Tube Station, Tom has got also the worst ideas. And he has some hard-won advice.

“If you know you are going to get drunk, on the list of don’ts in the pub are:

  • Don’t try to hit on the bartenders to get free drinks
  • Don’t climb tables
  • Don’t buy drinks for people who never buy them for you
  • Don’t bring any sharp sticks – you might get some weird ideas
  • Don’t try a lobster suit. And if you do, just remember you’re human.”
  • Reporting by Oana Marocico.

    Behind the Story : It cost me two Guinness. And a pint of laughter. Maybe I got drunk. With laughter. The three guys were indeed in 3D – one of them was in some other dimension with surreal humour. The tall and thin, a French ‘brie and wine’ type only laughed if he received the ‘yes, it’s funny’-signal from the animation-geek leader. I mean he laughed only when the lobster did. So, I had to conquer the crustacean who looked like a guy with stories. Those to be spelled with **** and for video, well for video we’d be blurring. Hard to get? Oh well, yes. You just needed to have a favourite cartoon and an animation talk. I got Bambi.