The Pub-lisher of Machu Picchu

“I climbed Huayna Picchu, the mountain in Peru??” he paused, laughed at my reaction and said, “ I really surprised myself, didn’t think I would do it”.

He was a storyteller, a publisher who travelled the world fetching for his perfect narrative.

“Well, I went to Peru in 2006 on an Inca trail. It was a spectacular 7-day journey back in time, the Classic Inca trail route, that’s what they called it,” Anselm described the beauty of Latin America through the eyes of an “intellectual” Brit.

Anslem sat in the same little corner every night, the pub was just across the street from where he worked. It was his perfect place to enjoy the company of one of his books, where he went on another journey to a new corner of the world.

As we sat in the pub, Anslem took me on a journey across the ocean.

“The mountain scenery was heavenly, with the Inca ruins of Wiñay Wayna welcoming us into the citadel of Machu Picchu just before sunrise, that’s definitely my biggest accomplishment.”

As we walked across the room to get another drink, I realized that the person I’ve been talking to for the past twenty minutes, was not a sixty year old dull, publisher with eyeglasses. Though he spoke the words of an old man but he had the looks of a college student, whole he was barely even mid thirty.

We went back to the green leather couch, and he sat there with his grey geeky t-shirt, and sports sweater that looked too big on him. His backpack lied next to him to complete the teenage look, all what was missing was a skateboard.

Someone, with all these adventures and experiences, I can’t but wonder why would he just it here in this particular pub every night, what was so special about the Green man?

“It always feel like home. They have the friendliest staff in the area, and that’s really all you need to have a good pub.”

“So what’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen in a pub?” I asked him.

“Oh my God! No these stories are not fit for publishing, all I’ll say that crazy things happen at the pub when you’re not looking” he laughed and shook his head.

Reporting by Yasmine Dinana

Behind the Story : It was a Thursday evening, and the pub was almost empty. I spotted him reading a book and drinking his beer and I knew that he had a story to tell.

Like the trained stalker I’ve become with this project, I observed him for half an hour, which also gave me a chance to have a drink and gather myself to go and speak to him.

I went over to his table, invaded his solitude and asked for a story, and after some icebreaking questions and a couple of beers I got the Machu Picchu story.